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clbsav - simple clipboard saving utility

Updated: 2011-10-07 15:10:26
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CLBSAV is a simple clipboard saving command-line utility.


Sometimes we need to make screeshot from out desktop - when we write documentation for program, or when we want to send a bug report. There is the standard way to make it in Microsoft Windows - just press PrintScreen (PrnScr) button to take fullscreen screnshot and put it into Windows Clipboard, or press Alt+PrintScreen to take screenshot of active window only.


Problem is how to save data from clipboard to file. There is no standard and easy way to save clipbord to file. Yes, you can run Windows standart program "Paint", paste screenshot to it, then go to the file menu, select "Save as", select image format as you want, click "Ok", but it is too slow and hardly for lazy peoples.


You can use small command line utility, called CLBSAV (acronym of ClipBoardSaver). You can create shortcut on your desktop, set hotkey for it, Ctrl+Alt+V, as sample, and make screenshots fast and easy by pressing PrnScr and Ctrl+Alt+V.

Configuring path to save

Configuring CLBSAV is very easy. First time you use it, run it with single parameter set to path where you want to save your screenshots (see figure below). Path will be stored in registry, so next time you use CLBSAV you don't need to set any parameters for program.
>CLBSAV.EXE "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Documents\My Screenshots"
Filenames for screenshots are generated automaticaly (clpbXXXX.ext, where XXXX is smalest non-existing number and ext is an extention, depended on file type)

File formats

First, CLBSAV saves the text clipboard data into .TXT files. Second, it try to save picture in Windows Bitmap format into .BMP if that format is available in clipboard. Third, it try to save data in metafile formats, .WMF and .EMF. If .EMF data not available, it is converted from .BMP. Fourth format is Portable Network Grafics .PNG.

PNG support

.PNG image format supported by extended version of utility, called CLBSAVEX. Also, on old systems such Windows 2000, Windows ME/98 or oldest it reguires Microsoft library GDI+. GDI+ library for old systems available on Microsoft site as GDI+ redistributable package. Note: basic version CLBSAV doesn't support .PNG format.

List of the files to download
Name Last modified Size Hash MD5/SHA1
clbsav.zip 2011-09-30 243.8 KB ca3825656ed87f3841b2e8d2356dc38a / 48770845f604aec365d29ad667c186e4a8b75ac2
clbsav_src.zip 2011-09-30 9.8 KB ad3c6c61e9bb7197fa15b0042a8bef0b / 4db2e5100cf37e379921a9676aa6f26de230a7cc